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Arimidex and nerve damage

Anastrozole side effects at Patient | Patient Along with their useful effects, 1, breast cancer - stage 1A, headaches!, nerve pain, very HOT flashes, joint pain.
At that point I was moved to Arimidex. I had some joint pain issues right away and was put on Avastin for 3 months-that was worse, so back to Arimidex until the.
Well, I finally went off the Arimidex and back on Tamoxifen, and the .. I was having nerve damage for had CTS surgery on right hand. Pain from lumpectomy and arimidex.

For most people who develop CTS, proper treatment usually can relieve pain, numbness and tingling, and restore normal function of the wrist adimidex hand. This is my own opinion and I am arimidex and nerve damage trying to discourage others who may feel different. If any one of them hurts while you are doing them, stop! I wanted to die. I'm seriously… read more. So you've got a decision to make: take a break from a drug that's proven to lower your recurrence risk, or continue with the pain? I am now taking Aromasin -another from of Arimidex -and am also dmage getting off of it once and for all.

Thanks for the feedback from your hand Dr. When it was determined that chemo put me into MENTALpause, I was switched to Arimidex. Arinidex of if fun and all of it putting my life on hold. I am at high risk. Your reply violates WebMD's rules. It is a very serious decision and I realize that it could be a life threatening one, to decline taking them.

I felt better when my doctor said that is normal. I can't damafe on it. I also exercise with light weights and indoor biking. I am SURE this will help…. I am not crazy about becoming a patient again, or getting mris cats or pet scans or going under the knife.

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