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Refuse to take arimidex

Has anyone taking Arimidex experienced vaginal bleeding? stage 3 bc also and I also was pre menopause I was 28 I was put on tamoxifen when I was done with all my txs I couldn't take the side effects they were bad. I refuse to give up.
She continues to take Arimidex and receives an injection of a bone-strengthener called denosumab But Allison refused to leave her work.
I so wish my oncologist would let me not take Arimidex. .. After I refused Tamoxifen the oncologist sent me to a special GYN doc to see if I was.

I just wish I died instead of having chronic pain. I just want to add something here about the idea of doctors not "letting us" do or not do things. No portion of this website can be used without the permission of SparkPeople or its authorized affiliates. It gives a walnut size sample instead of the tiny biopsy sample, still smaller surgery thank lumpectomy would have been. If we don't trust our experts our oncologistswe need a new one.

The results don't apply to other groups. Also I already have arthritis, diebetis whish causes bad circulationback pain, bad sleep pattern and hot flushes so I am loathed to take Arimidex which by all accounts can cause all of these problems, which at the moment Arimisex am able to live with. For more information about food as an anti-estrogen, anti-cancer protocol, please visit: Seem like too much? I was so angry. The impression is that despite the significant gain in armidex, many rhGH-treated children remain short as adults, in the lower level of the normal range.

Refuse to take arimidex - cream

I hope you're as happy with whatever decision you reach. I did not see your message until just now…have been away on a bike across California trip so just getting back in the technology loop. I personally won't do this. Has anyone done myomin? One removed, the other under her arm, which the docs cannot remove, as it is too near her heart and wrapped round lymphs. She didn't think the tamoxifen had anything to do with my increased joint pain.


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Very happy to find this site! Remember, these side effects don't effect everyone and they will watch you. I'm as ready adimidex I feel I can be for something like this. Funny — my orthopedist says he knows little about the bone-density drugs. We can only be our own best advocates and have faith that we know what is best for us. You could start with some supplements now, until you can get an appt.

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