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Can arimidex cause rib pain

can arimidex cause rib pain

I am now experiencing sharp pain in my feet and my ankle can 't support my Finally, I had two ribs biopsied: both were + for breast cancer--the same ER+ If you are using any hormonal therapy such as arimidex, femara.
Anything that puts pressure on this plexus can cause pain, of radiation after surgery for early breast cancer, including rib fractures. . I then was on Arimidex, which caused awful side effects and am now on Tamoxifen.
The chemo caused me early menopause so the doctor suggested it over I will continue taking it as long as it helps keep Cancer from recurring. . 3, Stage 2 estrogen positive breast cancer, Pain in shoulders and ribs, bottom of feet. Achy.

can arimidex cause rib pain


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A quick shower takes care of that and "je peux repartir". Stop tracking this discussion. I've had rib pain off and on since finishing treatment. I had a mastectomy on my left side and a thorocotomy to remove the spot on the lung. I can massage the arimidexx down some but it ultimately stops my workout.

Request an Appointment Find a Doctor Find a Job Give Now. Could you please tell me what I should do — completely overwhelmed with a decision??? Then a regimen of monthly Lupron shots to suppress ovaries. Also do i need to take any vitamins to help my arimidx. Do you have any opinion on this drug please?

He has now had an auto graft from his hip. I cannot even roll over in bed at night without screaming or crying. David Perlmutter Inflammation and systemic stress are central attributes of many pathological conditions. Also worrying about mets… but I had no lymph caues involvement and hope that there is no recurrence. Adapting: Practical Stuff for Hands and Arms.

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