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Bone and joint pain from arimidex

bone and joint pain from arimidex

Arimidex side effects Herceptin / Tykerb. The joint pain has been a constant struggle but I'm getting through it using water aerobics and walking. And I don't mean .. I've been on Mobic 15mg for my joint and bone pain.
Anyone else out there have really bad joint pain due to these drugs?? In January I also joined curves for weight bearing exercise to help keep my bones strong.
I have been taking Arimidex for 8 months and experience bone and joint pain elsewhere, but my feet are most affected at the moment. Asked by Mary Foti.

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Bone and joint pain from arimidex 205
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DOSIS ARIMIDEX CICLO We're calling it "stable. Guidelines on endocrine therapy of breast cancer. THAT IS A GOOD QUESTION THAT NO ONE CAN ANSWER. I was on my way to that and bobe chemo kicked it right into well new year new me. It will go away but not right away. I am considering changing medication. It did not, it has remained the same.

Certain cancer treatments can change the way your body responds to food. Arimidex Overview including Precautions. The impact breast cancer can have on your bones depends on several factors, including:. This study reports that women with joint symptoms at the outset reported fewer symptoms during treatment, which is in contrast to other studies. Today my hand is more swollen than usual, thumb is useless and I am very weak.

bone and joint pain from arimidex

Joint pain is also a common side effect of hormone therapy for breast cancer treatment because it halts estrogen production in post-menopausal paij. But between the anastrozole and placebo groups the risks seemed to be similar. While not conclusive evidence, this trial does show promising results that vitamin D may play an important role in AIA. Availability Rx Prescription only. Right now I jint on Anastrozole that is preventing recurrence, that caused tendonitis and trigger thumbs and was given Meloxicam for painful joints, so when does the medications end?

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