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Long term side effect of arimidex

long term side effect of arimidex

The research shows some potential problems with long term Arimidex usage, including arthritis, liver toxicity and change in cogntive abilities.
What side effects have you noticed from using Arimidex? Also, a slightly higher E2 can be had as long as it's in perspective to other hormone.
Those problems can include memory lapses, attention issues and difficulty . an even longer period might not confer any added benefit – at least in terms of survival. anastrozole) have long been prescribed to certain breast cancer survivors.

long term side effect of arimidex

Pain or tingling in the hands or feet. Until you actually read them…and then debate if this is truly the right thing to do. I had an appt this morning and discussed problem with Oncologist. If your doctor has recommended a dose different from the ones listed here, do not change the way that you are taking the medication without consulting your doctor. I feel very humbled by the openness of everyone who has contributed to this site, and so grateful for the wonderful words of wisdom. None of the other adjuvant trials, with letrozole and exemestane, showed any evidence of decreased cerebrovacular events compared to tamoxifen or placebo. The three third-generation AIs in routine clinical use - anastrozole Arimidexletrozole Femaraand exemestane Aromasin - have similar efficacy and toxicity profiles when evaluated in cross-study comparisons.

Melatonin - self defence against cancer. I take co-dydromol for arthritis but it is managable and only take the pain killers when I really need them I did tell my onc and he said if the side effects get to much we will have to weigh up if it is worth continuing with it but he did not speak of an alternative! I am SURE this will help…. The hip pain wakes me up multiple times a night. They accepted certain treatments and refused others.

Long term side effect of arimidex - had

I knew quite a few people who took tamoxifin including my own sister and did well with the tamoxifin with very few side effects. And I am glad you are able to run again — I read a great article about some research that is showing how and why exercise lowers risk for recurrence. I am on many other drugs for the heart virus. Since long-term survival rates are high in patients with early-stage breast cancer who receive AIs and treatment may continue for many years, the complications arising from therapy in this patient population can have long-term effects and may greatly impact patient quality of life. Alana, what supplements are you taking to keep your estrogen down? I had to let myself go thru the grief — even though it scared me. I feel much better already.

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CAN ARIMIDEX CAUSE MIGRAINES The relative risk for VTE. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Read more Related support groups: Breast CancerEstradiolPremarinEthinyl EstradiolEstrace aarimidex, ArimidexFemaraVagifemEstrace Vaginal CreamVivelleAnastrozoleBreast Cancer, MetastaticClimaraLetrozoleEstringPremarin VaginalVivelle-DotEstradiol PatchAromasinAfinitor WEDNESDAY, Dec. However, providers and researchers recognize the importance of chemo-brain as a side effect of breast cancer treatment. None of this will happen if you don't work with your logn by adopting the drug regimens they prescribe. Arimidex is used in the treatment of breast cancer. Q: Does Arimidex lower white blood cell count and blood pressure?
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