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Arimidex bad mood

Is anyone on Lupron and/or Arimidex and still has normal estrogen .. This past week I had a spell of being in a very bad mood - no reason.
Moody; Mood Change; Hopelessness; Sad; Moodswings . function not as lucid Think most drugs are bad but this one has such adverse side effects I wonder if I ever will be t. arimidex related mood altered; anastrozole related mood altered.
Those on Arimidex after having taken tamoxifen, is it any better? I do not have mood swings on that other than normal "I'm in a bad mood.

But for a few women, they can be more troublesome. I am also now taking exemestane but only one tablet every three days. Cyndie Living every day!!!! This is yet another reason why going at steroids without proper education not implying you don't have the proper edu and you asking the qu is a good sign you are in the right frame of mind, being cautious and wanting info as to how steroids will effect you, how to manage that, etc is ill advised. Luckily I live in CA so medical cannabis is available and I do a THC infused ointment for any pain and I use arimidex bad mood to help me sleep. Inflammation is Enemy Number One.

Find Your Cancer Drug - Y. I plan to have a bone density test later this year and then re-evaluate. Arimidex bad mood A. Consumer Information Use and Disclaimer. My recurrence risk is high. Pain when passing urine. We use Arimidex bad mood alot in the fertility world as part of IVF protocols because it supresses the release of FSH and LH, so no eggs are made and the estradiol falls because it's the eggs that make arimixex primarily.

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